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Sweating as a team: Incorporating movement into your employee engagement plans

In March 2020, the world as we knew it changed and, overnight, employee engagement and internal communication professionals were now in the spotlight. More than ever, it was our job to ensure that our employees not only stayed connected and motivated, but felt supported.

With everyone working from home, no longer could I rely on coffee chats, in-person town halls, and after work happy hours to keep the team connected. So I sat down at my computer and made a list of over 20 activities that I thought I could use to bring my team together in this new all-digital world. I knew I needed a mix of activities - family-friendly, space-flexible, and engaging.

This list, coupled with team survey results, showed me that a large struggle for many employees was figuring out how to actually leave their desks and get fresh air or exercise. I took this feedback and searched for something that would fit with the team’s culture. I eventually was introduced to Charlie Finnigan, a personal trainer out of London. After the first meeting with Charlie, I knew her energy was exactly what I was looking for. She was kind, welcoming, and inclusive – all things that are pivotal for any team activity.


Tips for working with Charlie:

  • Charlie accepts corporate cards, purchase orders, or wire transfers, and can work with your team to design a customized solution for your employees. My team’s favorites were her classic Sweat and Mobility classes.

  • Charlie is based out of London and can accommodate your global audience through times that work for your employees.

  • Charlie can work with your technology – Zoom, Google Meets, or Amazon Chime, Charlie can adapt her programming to your company’s tech.

  • Contact Charlie: Email and Website.


Bringing in a team trainer helped my organization not only get a little extra oxygen in their day, but it allowed them to come back to their desks refreshed and ready to tackle whatever lay ahead.

While many cities and states are opening up, some workforces will remain flexible with an element of at-home work. Providing opportunities for movement will continue to be essential in the coming year.

See below for a brief Q&A with Charlie and then contact her to learn how your team can partner with her for your next employee engagement activity.

Hillary U (HU): Charlie, what is your favorite part of the job?

Charlie Finnigan (CF): The best part of my job is building and creating a community - I love bringing people together through the power of movement. There is so much power in the team and encouraging and motivating other people to achieve their goals.

HU: What is the value of working with you on a corporate level? What will employees get out of it?

CF: The benefits of exercise have been proven time and time again to promote both physical and mental health - the mental health aspect being particularly important during this global pandemic. It provides not only an opportunity for colleagues to interact in a setting outside of the normal working environment but also promotes camaraderie, communication, and accountability around a shared challenge.

HU: When someone leaves your class, what do you want them to feel?

CF: When someone finishes my class I want them to leave feeling empowered, motivated and inspired to conquer the rest of their day. I want them to feel like they’re in a better mental headspace than when they first started class. Ultimately, I want them to feel like they have accomplished something and leave feeling GREAT!


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