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Recommendations for Hillary U


  • "Hillary has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a rare combination of human skills, enabling her to relate to everybody, and gives you that warm feeling you have a friend on the team, while also being a professional and maintaining a high bar on the team's deliverables. She has driven the upstream communication on our team, which is very strategic to ensuring we are making the right impact and providing the right business insights to our leadership." - Y. Donenfeld, Head of Compute Specialist SA, Amazon Web Services

  • "Hillary is truly exceptional at what she does. Her expertise in communications and employee engagement made a tremendous impact on our immediate and greater team. She’s planned so many fun and novel activities for our team and has made everyone feel so much more connected during Covid-19. While not my direct manager, she acted as a great mentor who provided me with unconditional support. She leads with grace and encouragement; and that’s only a small part of what makes Hillary such a great leader, mentor, and friend. She has undoubtedly been one of the most talented and overall wonderful individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with at AWS." - T. Um, Amazon Web Services

  • "Hillary has significantly upped the internal communications game for both teams she leads during her tenure at Deloitte. She takes extreme care to ensure that every piece of content she creates is on message, well-written, clearly thought-out, and most importantly, communicated to the right audiences through the correct channels. She understands the importance that brand voice and tone play in communications, and can easily maneuver from one to the other. Her extensive experience allows her to make recommendations for a variety of internal comms strategies and tactics, and her professionalism has cemented her status as a trusted communications advisor for senior and c-suite executives. She's an excellent writer, a trusted colleague, and serves as a mentor to other team members. Additionally, Hillary is calm, cool, collected and unflappable, with a great sense of humor - a breath of fresh air in an often high-stress environment." -- H. Graubard, Vice President, Deloitte Digital

  • “Hillary is professional, polished, responsive, creative, and a great writer/communicator. She has a stellar attitude and will jump in to help where needed. She's been quick to understand firm culture, and is diplomatic and assertive. She collaborates closely with the team and is also very supportive of other team members in both a professional and personal way. Patience and compassion are her superpowers.” – Excerpts from 2018 Performance Review


  • “Hillary is by far the hardest working employee I’ve ever had the honor of working with and promoting. She never said no to any internal customer and enjoyed bringing quality work to all her deliverables. Her work is extremely varied and complex from strategic to tactical, and often balancing both in the same day. Her broad scope of writing, designing, technical understanding, clear communication, and professional demeanor made her liked by everyone at the company. From the front line to the CEO everyone felt they could work with Hillary. This ability made her insightful in understanding the main issues of the day and bridging the needs of the frontline with management. She is just getting started her incredible career growth and I’m excited for what she will show the world. Her talents are endless, her work ethic is second to none, and her character is strong. Anyone will consider themselves lucky to work with her.” - S. Gebarin, Managing Director, Horizon Air


  • “Hillary was instrumental in making sure communication with our frontline employee’s was timely and thorough. During what could have been a contentious time with our union leaders, her quick understanding of negotiation goals allowed us to present a tentative agreement that ultimately passed the members vote. I have no hesitation recommending Hillary. She brings professionalism, talent and a keen sense of humor to any project she is given.” - D. Caldwell, Director, Horizon Air


  • “Hillary was responsible for working directly with our Horizon frontline department leaders in developing or refreshing their communications channels last year, and was able to establish regular and targeted forums for these teams that are now a consistent part of the employee experience. She was also quick to the draw in supporting reactive communication needs that would pop up within the divisions she supports. She consistently excels in demonstrating the Leadership Principles, particularly the ones mentioned above for high performance culture, give back and deliver results. She excels in all three of these areas, but I also appreciate her commitment to having an owner mentality; she is invested in and passionate about how she delivers support to her clients and our employee group.” – excerpts from 2017 performance review, Horizon Air



  • "Hillary is the most forward thinking colleague I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Meeting her for the first time was like a breath of fresh air. She continually impresses with her energy, drive and ability to take the lead on a project to keep it moving at a rapid, productive pace, attaining positive results in the process. She has an incredible ability to always be a step ahead of the job and she intuitively knows where to go to obtain information. Working with Hillary is like having a confidant, leader, and friend all rolled into one." - Susan M., Executive Assistant, Airport Operations & Customer Service, Alaska Airlines



  • "Hillary has a warm, upbeat personality. She works to instill a sense of calm and clarity around situations. She has a strong technical skill when it comes to communications. She can readily identify varying ways to try and connect the message to the audience. She keeps herself updated on the newest trends and styles of reaching out to larger and more spread out audiences. She has a strong creative mind and is extremely responsive - ready, willing and able to assist with a project or challenge. Hillary can take a lot of work and consistently get it done efficiently and on time." - excerpts from 2016 performance review, Alaska Airlines



  • Hillary is a “go to” person! She was an invaluable resource for creative recommendations, presentations, proofing, shared web sites – basically any of the communications challenges that I had. Hillary combines a unique blend of creative genius with a disciplined methodology to produce amazing results. Package these traits in a winning personality and you have a most capable and enjoyable colleague!I am fortunate to continue to have Hillary on my team as her creative assistance has been invaluable in my new work. - Dennis Loney, Organization Development Professional



  • Hillary is a positive and creative force who always focuses on completing tasks and managing projects with the utmost professionalism and customer service. She always supported whatever we needed and presented a positive attitude in all respects. I highly recommend her work. - Jacob Civitts, Director of Used Equipment – PACCAR Financial, PACCAR managed Hillary at PACCAR



  • Hillary U was an excellent PACCAR HR Communications Specialist — she was innovative, diligent, and customer focused. We worked together on several recruiting projects over the past year. Hillary was a joy to work with as she was able to build credibility and trust with internal customers quickly, she assisted with anything that needed to get done, and she always had a smile! Her positive attitude and reliability went a long way in moving projects forward. During her time at PACCAR, she demonstrated the fortitude to overcome difficult projects with grace and style. I am sorry to see her leave, as she was such a great asset on projects. I highly recommend Hillary U. - Tracy Jefferson, PHR, Human Resources Manager at Kenworth Truck Company, A PACCAR Company


  • As the HR Communications Specialist, Hillary elevated the role from an editor to an encompassing, individual publications maven. Hillary surpassed expectations by effectively managing long and short term projects for multiple departments, while balancing the standard priorities of the role. Hillary was integral in leading the way into social media and e-communications within a conservative, traditional environment and therefore inching toward innovation and modernism. Hillary easily identified positive and constructive feedback for new ideas, creating a cooperative working environment. Hillary was extremely generous and accommodating, even further facilitating the internal collaboration. Hillary is a dynamic professional who welcomes new challenges as growth opportunities. - Michelle Huynh, Human Resources


  • Hillary is the rare and wonderful colleague that can be depended on to run with a project and see it through with both exactitude and creativity. The personal pride she takes in her work is evident by the consistently excellent results in both her work and in her collaborations with other colleagues. For the above reasons, and because of her humor, grace under fire, and quick wit, Hillary has my highest recommendation. -  Maliah Washington, University of Washington

  • I am pleased to recommend Hillary Sara U.Hillary is an amazing person. She excels at everything she does. As a member of our public relations and communications office, Hillary has pushed the “old hands” in the office to move to the 21st century. She helped us introduce social networking to our communications plans and helped launch several social networking sites for the university.  In addition to her bright talents and skills, Hillary is a delight as a colleague. She is well respected by her peers and supervisors and demonstrates appropriate leadership and drive. Please contact me directly for a more complete reference. - Kenyon S. Chan, Chancellor,  University of Washington Bothell

  • Through her work in our office Hillary has demonstrated tremendous leadership and public speaking skills and a keen attention to detail. She is a thoughtful, natural leader who routinely presents new ideas and perspectives to complement our work. For these reasons and more, I am pleased to offer my recommendation for Hillary U. - Elizabeth Fischtziur, Director of PR and Communications, University of Washington Bothell


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