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Business Profile: Rainglow Airbrush Tanning

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A new ray of sunshine has popped up in the Wedgwood neighborhood and that's Rainglow Airbrush Tanning. Rainglow, located at 7506 35th Ave NE Seattle, is a concept brought to you by Jamie Lampitt. Jamie, a Pacific Northwest native, was working medical sales and traveling a lot when she realized that her work-life balance was not ideal. She was a wife, had two young children and was ready to find the balance she needed. So she quit her job and set to work on finding her true passion.

Over several months, Jamie researched her idea of an airbrush tanning salon that would appeal to the sun-deprived residents of Seattle and be safe for the body, mind and soul. As an avid tanner for years, Jamie found herself in a UV tanning bed several times a week. When research came out about the dangers of UV tanning, Jamie knew that she needed to find a different way to get her glow on. That is when she developed her love of airbrush tanning and never looked back. Now, Jamie embraces wearing sunscreen because she knows she can get that golden hue in a safe and effective way.

Jamie spent time training under LA's Airbrush Tanning Guru to the stars, Heather Shaw. Heather worked with Jamie to help her perfect her airbrush skills and Jamie is proud to bring the technique to the Northwest. One of the unique features of a Rainglow tan is that the formula they use is organic, vegan, kosher, never been tested on animals and made in the USA. Jamie is currently the only practitioner to be using this technique and formula in our area.

Jamie prides herself on paying attention to the details and ensuring that every client leaves with an amazing tan. Specifically, she works with each client every step of the way, discussing the reasons for the airbrush tan, finding the right color and developing contouring that works for each client. Jamie says "airbrush tanning has a lot of benefits but two of the most popular are how the effects can make your body look 10 pounds lighter and that your need for makeup will be much less because an airbrush tan adds a flawless finish to your face.

When asked about her approach, she said, "if the clients can remember one thing about their experience, I want it to be that they remember how great the service was." And great it is. Not only does Jamie provide a custom intake session, and walk each client through the steps prior to the tan, she also has all of the details covered. When you enter the salon, you're welcomed, offered water and a delicious treat. Jamie then checks in with each client, making sure they're entirely comfortable with the process. As she says, "I want everyone to feel comfortable and usually, if it's their first time, they have a lot of questions." Jamie has covered all the details. In fact, if you show up and you forgot to wear baggy clothing (as tight clothing can rub the formula off the skin), she's got you covered and even provides umbrellas for those blustery days in Seattle.

The experience takes about 15-20 minutes, with the formula developing over the next few hours, and dries instantly. You can expect your tan to last 7-10 days and Jamie will call you the following day to make sure everything has developed to your satisfaction.

Rainglow airbrush tanning is by appointment only. Call 206-801-5214 to book your appointment today. For more information, you can visit their website.

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